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SPECIFICATIONS: Brown Raw Sugar – ICUMSA 600/1200


Polarization at 20⁰: 97,5º Minimum

Sulphated Ash Content: 0.14%-0.25%Maximum by Weight

Moisture: 0.06%-0.25%MaximumbyWeight

Magnetic Particles: mg/kg4 Solubility: 97% Dry & amp; free flowing

Granulometry: 1.00–1.5Am/mm

ICUMSA: Color 600/1200 ICUMSA attenuation index Units (Method#10-1978)

Reducing Sugar: 0.010% Maximum in Dry Mass

Radiation: Normal no presence of Cesium or Iodine SO2: mg/kg70 Maximum AS: 1P.P.M.

Colour: Golden Brown

Heavy Metals/Toxic Elements: Maximum mg/kg basis

Arsenic: 0.50

Cadmium: 0.05

Copper: 1.00

Lead: 1.00

Mercury: 0.01

Zinc: 3.00

DDT: 0.005


Pesticide Traces Maximum mg/kg basis

Hexa chloran Gamma Isomer 0.0

Microbiological Limit

Pathogenic Bacteria including Salmonella per 25 grams: Nil

Bacillus per gram: Nil

Crop: 2022





Product: SUGAR VHP 600-1200

INCOTERMS: CIF ASWP (Any Safe World Port)


Sugar VHP 600-1200 - SBLC or DLC Payment - Transferable, Divisible And Irrevocable



SUGAR VHP 600-1200


    1) Buyer sends LOI – Letter of Intent to Purchase to BellaCon BR Foods;
    2) BellaCon BR Foods will request an SCO - Soft Offer Corporate from the seller in Brazil, which will be addressed to the buyer;
    3) Buyer analyzes SCO and sends ICPO with BCL - Bank Comfort Letter addressed to the seller;
    4) Seller issues FCO - Full Corporate Offer or SPA Contract Draft;
    5) Buyer signs FCO or Draft SPA and returns it to the seller with RWA – Ready Willing and Able.
    Note: Whenever payment is made with LC, DLC or SBLC, the buyer must present an RWA stamped and signed by 2 bank employees on original letterhead, with the purchase price and nominal value;
    6) Options if the Buyer does not send an RWA bank with LC-DLC-SBLC withdrawal:
    a- You must present proof of funds and verbiage from the LC, DLC or SBLC.
    b- if you do not send this RWA or proof of resources, an advance of US$ 12,500.00 will be charged (with a discount on the value of the LC-DLC-SBLC instrument), invoice sent immediately together with the purchase and sale contract;
    7) The seller carries out the SPA due diligence in 2 or 3 business days, the buyer and the seller analyze the pre-contract together. After completion of the review, the buyer signs and closes the first draft of the contract review and returns it to the seller who returns it to the buyer duly signed and sent only in pdf format;
    8) Within 35 to 45 days the product will be delivered to the port of origin for SGS inspection and dispatch;
    9) The buyer's bank will transfer via Suift MT-103, or other shipping methods if agreed, 100% of the total value of the load, upon presentation of shipping/loading documents to the seller's bank;
    10) Delivery begins in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.
    Note: if the Buyer does not fulfill its obligations under this contract and violates the INCOTERMs Terms, if it has paid the initial agreed amount, it will not be refunded.

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